Frequently Asked Questions:
Some of my most frequently asked questions answered.
If you still have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!

What are you doing about COVID?

The spa and everything is wiped and sanitized between clients, all sheets and blankets are removed and washed between clients, and personal wellness check is done by myself every morning. I am testing weekly to be sure I am not positive and have no symptoms.
I have had both sets of covid vacinne, and the booster. If I do suspected contact is made or I feeling symptoms your appointment will be rescheduled and the spa will be closed.
If you would like me to wear a mask for your service I would be more than happy to. Your safety and happiness is #1!
Who should get a facial?

If you have skin, you should probably get a monthly facial. ;-)
A facial is not just for problem skin or acne. It can help both oily or dry skin, slow down the aging process, help reduce inflamation, uneven skin tone, wrinkles... and it's definitly relaxing! Not only does it help the skin it relaxes the soul.

For best anti-aging results you should have professional home skin care used daily, and see your esthetician every 4 to 5 weeks. If this doesn't fit your time or budget, see your esthetician at least once per season change.
Which Facial should I choose?

If you're a newbie to facials or professional skincare you should probably start with a 30 or 60 minute custom facial. If you fall under the age of 25, an express facial is probably the way to go.
This allows you to ease into and be comfortable and it allows me to get familiar with your skin and be able to give you an educated analysis and recommendation. If you've had facials before... you have an idea of what you want, but I think one of my favorites and the one I get rave reviews on would be the dermaplane.
How Long Should Hair Be For A Wax?

Look at your eyebrows. They are the perfect length to wax, so if you're
wondering how long hair on your body should be. That's a perfect gauge. If the hair is to long, waxing can be painful, bruise, or even lift skin. If it's to short, it's not all going to come out. So make sure your an 8th of an inch, to maximum of half inch, to achieve
the least pain and the smoothest wax!

Helpful waxing tips - Exfoliate the area gently 24 hours before your appointment, this helps the bulb come out easier. Go ahead and lightly moisturize before appointment, this helps wax not stick to the skin.
Post Wax, take it easy, you don't want to sweat! In 24 hours use a mild chemical exfoliate to keep away bumps. Avoid fragranced moisturizers.
What if I could only come on Sunday or Monday or after hours?

No problem! It's not my normal business hours but I'm pretty flexible.
Just contact me and I'm sure we can find a time for you!
What kind of Lash Extensions do you do?

I have 7 years experience in both classic & volume.
I offer my services at the same price no matter what style or length
you choose as it doesn't require a longer or shorter amount of time for me, nor more or less product. I also guarantee my work, so if you have problems in the first 7 days, please come back in at no charge! I guarantee my work! Did I mention I also do colored lashes?

If you can avoid it... come in makeup free! If not, I will cleanse for you.

Lash extensions should NOT hurt. If you feel pulling or poking get with me ASAP, a lash has likely been applied to close to the skin, or has caught more than one lash. I've been doing this a long time, but I can still make a mistake and I will always stand by my work and correct anything needed!
Why professional products?

Taking care of your skin should be a #1 priority, which means you should really know what your putting on it.
Over the counter products generally contain sub par ingredients, not enough of active ingredients to be beneficial, and require much more product to be used at once.
When buying professional grade products you are guaranteed not only to have the correct product for YOUR skin, but that the ingredients are clean, in the proper percentage to be helpful, that there are no cancer causing or negative ingredients. Plus generally you use MUCH less product... which makes it only mildly more expensive than over the counter.
Your home skincare routine is 80% of your results! Your esthetician is only 20%. So be sure to practice good skin care at home.
What if I'm pregnant?

Always consult with your physician!!!
However, most services can still be done as long as you remind the service provider that you are pregnant. Skin is more sensitive and some ingredients should not be used during this time.
Service will be adapted to suit you.
Do you take Walk-In's?

Normally I am by appointment only, but if you see me sitting at the window, by all means come in! If I don't have time right then we can always get you scheduled. Also watch my Facebook page. I often times will post openings.

35 A St NE
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Please Park Across Hwy 54 At Free Parking or on Main St
You may drop off in the ally, but please do not park there.


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